Welcome to the Phantom Squads website, we are a Union based protesting group over the internet. To make our and our peers life, a bit easier.

Guess whos back... Back again. Octo's back... Tell a friend...

I have to add this warning again, WE DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS!!!

We DO NOT accept requests since we do this for the helping of our own environments this website is soon to be remade; that means a new design.

we also put our updates here, keeping the places we protest unmention. This website is 100% Phone and Raspberry Pi friendly (And maybe even Windows 95/98 friendly...)

If someone claims to be apart of the Phantom Squad, they are a fraud, we don't contact random emails.

Here are some of the public files you are allowed to access, this list will be updated in time.


Why does the website look so outdated?

This is for a reason, other then I never really coded a site before, I am basically a noob. It's Also for the design of the website, since it requires less data to be used and loaded and in theroy easier to access even with 2G data connections. Also, it uses alot less bandwith.

Why you dont take requests?

believe it or not, we don't do that. It's for alot of reasons including that we are not a work for hire.

Is what you doing legal?

Believe it or not, yes. We aren't hacking but we are just making a fight for whats right for everyone.

Can I join?

no, we don't accept people.

Current and past projects (Oldest to newest)

Quantiums (Old Name) v School (11/11/2019 - 2/20/2020)

Why we did it?

We did it so we will be able to change our passwords to our school Google accounts, for added security.

how did we do it?

We can't fully give our ways but we did it via a warning message with the risks of not being able to change our passwords and how if someone had ill intent, they could crack the password in the matter of 1-5 minutes.

Did it work?

Yes... Sorta...

The den finally allowed us to change our passwords as many times we want, BUT! Right after the school year, the teachers RESETTED the passwords back to normal and now not letting us change the passwords again, the same den too.

Was the problem fixed correctally?

In simple terms, no, it wasnt. Just because a new school year passes doesnt mean they could just revert what they did last year, they are just going to recreate histroy and the most scary thing? Since we are going to be relying on tech more this school year, this could cause some troubles if people with ill intent comes along. There is going to be a part 2 of this.

Quantiums (Old Name) v School (11/13/2019 - 11/14/2019)

How did you get in 2 issues with your school?

Not really a issue but a unexpected twist

It only lasted for a day but it felt like a eternity, to make a VERY LONG STORY short; I was (including 5 others) was put in a program to study all day at school on computers, the thing is that I already completed all my work and I had to wait while a kid got yelled at for being annoying.

Phantom Squad v School (9/1/2020 - ??/??/????)

Why we did it?

To be able to change our passwords to our school account passwords

Did it work?

It's still in the works

Phantom Sqaud v wannabe Phantom Squad (12/15/2019 - 12/20/2019)

Why we did it?

This group pretended to be us and putting our name in a bad light, by being what we are not set out to be

How we did it?

We knew who did it, we contacted them and they actually had no ill intention and wanted to help us. They show no resistants to stop what they did and put a end to it.

Did it Work?

To put it simple, yes and it worked better then I expected

This Website is owned by The Phantom Squad 2019 - 2021

For making tomorrow better, and making today worst tm